“Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution”

Everyone has (or had) someone in their life who shuts down each any every option you give them to solve THEIR problems.

There are a few issues with this:

  1. You are investing more time&energy than they are! This person has come and presented a problem they wholeheartedly expected you to fix. You have enabled their behavior for so long that they have become dependent on you fixing their life. Occasionally you’re investing or stressing more about them than you are about yourself & your life.
  2. The person who takes no breaks due to fear. This person interprets breaks as “slacking off” and “being lazy”. They rarely take a break from life allowing their mental health to improve. They are constantly stressed, anxious, and fearful of what their future would look like, so they avoid breaks or downtown. This person has an increased risk for a mental breakdown after continuous high stress.
  3. The person who has balance. This person knows when to “go hard” and when to “go home” and often is success. The key to decreasing stress and managing your mental health is taking a break! Almost every job allows (and often encourages) taking breaks, know why? One is more likely to have an improved focus, concentration, and mood thereby improving your productivity! Let’s get more specific. Your dreams and drive towards your goals will eventually slow up. You need to be vigilant and as determined to take a break as you are working in order to reach the top. How else will you successfully achieve your goals?

So which person are you? 

The person who needs no breaks, takes no breaks or who has balance?

4 Comments on Motivational Mondays

  1. This was such a wonderful and very motivational post!
    I’d say at the moment I’m a little bit of ‘takes no breaks’ since everything I’m doing is so new and needs my FULL attention but I like to think other than this year I’m usually ‘who has balance’.
    I really enjoyed reading this! 😀

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