How To Make A Vision Board To Achieve Your 2020 Goals

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I’m so glad you decided to learn how to make a vision board to achieve your 2020 goals! But first…

Happy New Year! Not only is it a new year, it’s a new decade and time for some goal setting. I’m all for speaking things into existence, so I made a vision board for my 2020 goals.

 A vision board is a visual representation of the things you want to have in your life and how you plan to get there. I am a big fan of doing this yearly as it is a good indicator as to where you are now and what you are able to achieve within a year.

I highly suggest you do the same! I know vision boards are the latest “fad” however there is much validity to creating them and placing them in a space that constantly reminds you of where you are and where you want to be. 

Why Vision Boards Work

They are the standard you set for yourself

It is one thing to have someone tell you what to do and an entirely different thing to tell yourself you are going to do something. When you agree to do something you are more likely to set your mind to it and achieve it because you do not want to let yourself down. 

This is also important because you will find that you may or may not be living at your own standard. This activity will allow your mind to visualize yourself in the best place, and layout a list of steps- a map if you will- through photo to get you there. 

What you focus on expands

If you choose to focus on your mental health, your blog, health and wellness or financial stability you will begin to see it each day. A clear example of this is when a woman thinks she is or actually is pregnant and begins to see babies often within her community. Though they were always there your mind had not paid attention because it did not directly impact you. 

It reminds you to be positive

I often have looked at my vision boards and thought “I’m almost there” or “ I have completed another goal and its on XXX month”. It excites me to see myself marking things off, continuing my consistency in achieving that goal and going harder to achieve another one. 

When I achieve something I feel accomplished and naturally begin to wash myself with affirmations such as “I am so amazing” “I am determined” or “I will achieve it all”. It increases and improves my mood throughout the day and is encouraging to others.

Be mindful when making a vision board that you are setting achievable and realistic goals. Read my post on how to set SMART goals. 

If you glue a photo of a million dollars be sure to also include how you plan to get there. If I posted a bundle of money on my board that was meant to visualize financial stability. I would also post savings apps, investments I plan to make and things I needed to cut out to ensure it would happen (like excessively eating take out). 

While we are putting into the Universe what we would like to see happen, we have to remember it takes work to achieve these goals. The Universe will not give you anything you have to work for it! 

How to make a vision board


I like to identify different areas of my life where I would like to grow and develop by using a goal setting sheet. I like to use this one as it lays out my goal, steps I need to take to get there and what it will look like when I achieve my goals. 

What many may call the “cheap option” I call “making a board”. I go to dollar tree and get a board of any size or type, glue, scissors, tape, glitter, ribbon and any other decor I want. (I like colors and I am likely to pay attention that way!)

You could also purchase a kit here for convenience

I pick up any pieces of art, magazines, books, posters etc. from multiple stores that have what I want or may need for my board. I then come home and get to work. 


Small tri fold board with  "2020 Goals" on top and "Jessica" on bottom
Tri-fold board with multiple photos and words to demonstrate the bloggers goals for 2020

Get creative! Be sure that your board makes sense to you. You should be able to look at it later and be reminded that you are working towards your degree by studying each night. It needs to speak to YOU!


Hang, set or place you board in a place that is visible EVERYDAY! This is most important when completing as you want to ensure you are constantly reminded of you WHY. 

There will be times when you may feel down or need a motivational push to keep going to achieve your goals. That is where your vision board comes into fruition.

I like to keep mine in my office to the right of my desk as I often work there. See photo below. I also have it placed in a corner underneath my monthly goals and my clock. Oh how ironic!

Photo of board on wall with clock and dry erase board.

I hope this gives you some insight to making a vision board for your 2020 goals. I would like to see some of your vision boards for 2020 and post them on my social media! Let’s achieve these goals together.

As always I’m here to help!

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  1. SMART goals are so important. So many people set goals that aren’t SMART and then are confused when they can’t achieve them. Thanks for sharing love!

    xoxo Lani

  2. I never thought to make a vision board, yet every year I fail at achieving my new year resolutions. Learning this, now gives me hope to actually succeed.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever read a post about Vision Boards – I mean, I have heard about them but never took the time to read how to make them. I normally jot down my goals on paper but this makes so much sense though as you can see it right there in colors and don’t have to dig through to figure out what your goals are. I l like the comparison you used about a woman having a baby and how that makes her more conscious of others like her. Pinned!!

  4. This is actually another great idea on how to use both hemispheres of the brain to achieve success. I have used mind maps a lot and they’ve helped me. I believe this technique brings awesome results if done properly and with serious intent in mind.

  5. Great post!
    This is the first time I’ve ever even thought about doing a vision board- but I’ve gotten really organized for the new year and have lots of little goals. I definitely want some visuals to help keep me on track!

  6. It’s so important to set out steps and have a plan of how to achieve your goal – otherwise we all just feel like failures when we don’t see results super quickly (often happens with resolutions). I like to sit down and write about what I’d like to achieve and logical steps of how to get there. Breaking down a goal into bitesize pieces, I find also helps alot.

  7. This is such a good idea. I was going to create one for my wedding but it kinda snowballed and I’m almost finished planning and buying!

    I really love the idea of one to
    Achieve goals x

  8. I could see this coming in handy on unmotivated days, especially if it’s positioned in a work space or other place that is crucial to helping you to meet those goals. Thanks for the tutorial!

  9. I love the arrangement in your office! I really like the whole idea of vision boards. I made one in 2019 and I really tried to achieve as much as I could but unfortunately, only 3 things came true (out of like 10). So I am kinda keeping that same board for 2020 as I still want the same things. I hope in 2020 I have better luck!

    1. Thank you, I need to update my office some but I love doing vision boards and reminding myself of what needs to be accomplished! Keep pushing!

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