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Valentine’s Day is upon us again and it can be quite stressful if you do not know how to tell your loved one that you love them. This is why I wanted to help you out and tell you 5 Valentine’s Day gifts that support her mental health.

Each day you see her pushing herself for greatness and want to let her know that you understand the stress that is upon her. While most people go with the traditional flowers, chocolate and dinner why not do the unusual for your special lady!

This year treat her to things that will support her mental health and allow her to continue on her path to success. Choose items that she needs rather than what is routine!

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5 Valentines Day Gifts That Support Her Mental Health

Valentines Day Gift 1: A Self Care Kit

Often we are so busy caring for others we forget ourselves in the process. I hear often “you cannot pour from an empty cup” and while this is true, I do wonder.

What if you cup is not empty, rather field with fatigue, depression, anxiety, irritability, etc. and that is being poured in your family or those you work with. Is that not just as bad?

This self care kit will make it convenient for your loved one to care for themselves for a day and ensure they are spreading positivity.

Valentines Day Gift 2: Leisure Reading and Writing

I won’t overbear you with why it is important to journal, instead you can check out my post dedicated to it. Just know that reading and writing increases mindfulness within your spouse.

The more mindful she is increases the likelihood she will have improved mood and decreased irritability.

Valentines Day Gift 3: Massage

Go to your local massage parlor and make an appointment for her! I found that when I was given a gift card I may not use it. I may regift it or completely forget about it.

However, when an appointment was made I was likely to go because I knew my husband would be charged! I dare not miss it then haha!

Going in for the massage would force me to lie down and have someone else care for me for 30min-60 min. After, a few minutes I began to clear my mind and focus on how my body felt in the moment.

Valentines Day Gift 4: Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket does wonders for anxiety symptoms. When I purchased mine, I began to use it all of the time (seriously even in the summer!).

At first I didn’t notice but the more I made the blanket my go to after work or after an event that caused much anxiety I felt a sense of relief. It felt like I was being held in a safe place and could determine when I wanted to be let go.

Valentines Day Gift 5: Time

If nothing else be sure to take the time to appreciate her by dedicating the day to her. I know it may seem cliche but a nice night in, dinner made by you and a movie with popcorn can seal the deal.

Dedicate this time to learning about her, her needs and wants so that you can stay attuned to her needs going forward. You may be surprised to learn that she would like to know you are there when she needs to talk when she is feeling low.

Of course ask her if you get stuck! While some women like surprises not all do. I like telling my husband what to get for my birthday or Christmas and let him do his own thing for Valentines Day (I am happy with anything, its the thought that counts).

As always I am here to help!

10 Comments on 5 Valentines Day Gifts That Support Her Mental Health

  1. These are all fabulous ideas! I wish I wasn’t single now, because I would be so happy to receive any of your ideas. I really like the idea of the weighted blanket.
    Actually, I think I might suggest these to my children so they have some Mothers Day present ideas!

  2. These are such lovely ideas!! So thoughtful and very focused on that person and their well being. And number 5 for “time” is honestly the most perfect gift anyone could give me! Just their time with me, without being busy and distracted and just there, would be a wonderful gift.

    Great post!!

    Emily |

  3. These are awesome! I will take that self care kit, you can never have too much luxurious bath stuff. lol. I have always had anxiety but have never tried a weighted blanket. A friend of mine swears by it. Perhaps I should see about getting my own.

  4. I’m loving your gifts! I’ll be single this year so I may just order myself a pizza and watch animated movies or my favorite movies like “Mona Lisa’s Smile” or “The Holiday”. I’m all about some self care.

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