30 Days Of Goal Slaying: Mental Health Challenge

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The New Year is around the corner and it is the time most spend re-evaluating themselves. Laying out goals to improve themselves in some way. This is why I created 30 days of Goal Slaying Mental Health Challenge!

Instead of the traditional weight loss, no sugar. No sodas, gym everyday goals, I have created a challenge for improving your mental health and well being! I am in no way trying to belittle those goals (heck I have some of those myself). What I am attempting to do is remind you of the importance of caring for yourself!

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Why improve your mental health? Everything stems from it! If I do not have the right mindset to achieve a goal it wont happen. If sleep is an issue because I have no coping skills for my anxiety, my goals will not be accomplished! If motivation is an issue because I do not have coping skills for my depression, I won’t be motivated to go to the gym. You get the picture.


It takes 21 days to form a habit. I’m giving you 30 because it should continue past 21 days, right? 30 days of goal slaying also gives us wiggle room for “life happens” moments. I will be here with you, goal slaying and improving my mental health. Let’s keep one another accountable and slay goals!

30 Days Of Goal Slaying Mental Health Challenge

Day 1 One minute meditation

Day 2 Ten minute lavendar soak

Day 3 Journal

Day 4 Read a short blog post on mental wellness

Day 5 Yoga for beginners

Day 6 Deep breathing exercises

Day 7 Layout goals

Day 8 Two minute meditation

Day 9 Define short term goals

Day 10 Identify stress free “go to” activities

Day 11 Go for short walk

Day 12 Water all day

Day 13 Dancing minute (pick your favorite song!)

Day 14 Social media detox

Day 15 Halfway! Treat yourself!

Day 16 Three minute meditation

Day 17 Stop and smell the roses

Day 18 Spend time with friends

Day 19 Go to bed early

Day 20 Say “no”

Day 21 Adult color (Habit formed!)

Day 22 Schedule self care days for next month

Day 23 Netflix& Chill

Day 24 Aromatherapy

Day 25 Four minute meditation

Day 26 Cook your favorite meal

Day 27 Exercise

Day 28 Read a short book

Day 29 Practice being present

Day 30 Journal your experience

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  1. Oh I love the freebie! I have a gym membership that is collecting dust, the gym makes me nervous. I’ll be practicing your prompts, thank you for taking the time to make them.

  2. This is a wonderful post! Such a great idea because it’s definitely about doing something small each day which over the period of time makes a big difference to one’s health. Will share!

    1. Hey! Day 21 is when a habit is formed. The activity listed is adult coloring to practice mindfulness( clarity to mind and body needs) and for some is a form of self care as it offers relxation, distraction and the like. Great question!

  3. Ohhh nice! I want to try to do this. Hopefully it’s something that I can accomplish. My favorite one is the saying no part and scheduling self-care days for next month. This is good because next month is going to be extremely busy! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Jess I just finished an outpatient behavioral health program and a lot of information you have here is a lot of what I learned. I’m going to definitely keep up with your website so I can continue to use my coping skills! I love your website!

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